electronic journal of
contemporary japanese studies

Volume 22, Issue 1

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Peer-reviewed articles

Ishida Kenji and Arita Shin
1. Contextual Obstacles to Entrepreneurship in Japan from the Perspective of the Overseas Japanese Self-Employed
Kaori Yoshida
2. Ambivalent Female Bodies: A Place for Feminine War Memory in Japan

Discussion Papers

Daniel Clausen
1. “Inori no Nagasaki”? Exploring Christian Themes in the Construction of Nagasaki as a Hibakusha City
Albert Graves
2. Behind the Scene: Stories with the Master and Miseko of a Korean Gay Bar in Japan
Andrew Watson
3. Criminal Majority in Japan: What was Decided and Implemented


Kathryn Tanaka translating Hōjō Tamio

1. The Farce