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Editorial board

General Editor

Timothy Iles
University of Victoria [Faculty page | e-mail]

Publishing Editor

Peter Matanle
University of Sheffield [Faculty page | Personal site | e-mail]

Book Reviews Editor

David Envall
Australian National University [Faculty page | e-mail]

Production Editors

Scott Koga-Browes
Ritsumeikan University
Ian Rapley
University of Oxford
Sebastian Maslow
Tohoku University
Darren Swanson
Kobe University
Euan McKay
University of Tokyo
Corey Wallace
University of Auckland

Research Editors

David Askew
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University and Monash University [Faculty page | e-mail]
Colette Balmain
Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College [Faculty page | e-mail]
Kaye Broadbent
Griffith University [Faculty page | e-mail]
Christopher Burgess
Tsuda College [Faculty page | e-mail]
Bruce Burnett
Queensland University of Technology [Faculty page | e-mail]
David Chapman
University of South Australia [Faculty page | e-mail]
Julian Chapple
Kyoto Sangyo University [e-mail]
Katalin Ferber
Waseda University [Faculty page | e-mail]
David Fouse
Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies [Faculty page | e-mail]
Fumitaka Furuoka
Universiti Malaysia Sabah [Faculty page | e-mail]
Barbara Gatzen
Australian National University [e-mail]
Barbara Hartley
University of Tasmania [Faculty page | e-mail]
Christopher P. Hood
Cardiff University [ | e-mail]
Rotem Kowner
University of Haifa [Faculty page | e-mail]
Thomas Lairson
Rollins College [Faculty page | e-mail]
Thomas McAuley
University of Sheffield [Faculty page | e-mail]
Wendy Jones Nakanishi
Shikoku Gakuin University [e-mail]
Melek Ortabasi
Simon Fraser University [Faculty page | e-mail]
Anthony Rausch
Hirosaki University [e-mail]
Yoichiro Sato
Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies [Faculty page | e-mail]
Eiko Maruko Siniawer
Williams College [Faculty page | e-mail]
Jonathan Strand
University of Nevada [Faculty page | e-mail]
Kenji Suzuki
European Institute of Japanese Studies [e-mail]
Peggy Takahashi
University of San Francisco [Faculty page | e-mail]
Sybil Thornton
Arizona State University [e-mail]
Katja Valaskivi
Tampere University [e-mail]