electronic journal of
contemporary japanese studies

Volume 21, Issue 2

With best wishes to all during these continuing, difficult times.

—The ejcjs Team

Peer-reviewed articles

Firouz Gaini
3. ‘Island people are always waiting’ Young people’s everyday lives and future narratives in Okinawa
Lachlan Jackson and Belinda Kennett
4. Slang and Taboo Language: An Analysis of Swearing Guides for L2 Japanese Learners

Discussion Papers

Noboru Sakai
3. CMC and sound information: A case study of Vowels and language plays in Japanese mobile phone e-mails

Book Reviews

Patrick Foss
1. The Inland Sea at 50
Anthony Rausch
2. Understanding the Tsugaru Itako:『津軽のイタコ』


Jon Holt and Teppei Fukuda
2. The Functions of Panels (koma) in Manga: An essay by Natsume Fusanosuke