electronic journal of
contemporary japanese studies

Volume 6, Issue 2

Peer Reviewed Articles

3. Teachers and Tea-Fetchers - What the Future Holds for Japan's Junior College Graduates: Female student perceptions of the status, purpose, and value of a Junior College education
Walker, Patricia
Posted: 7 December 2006

Discussion Papers

6. The Fascist Next Door? Nishitani Keiji and the Chūōkōron Discussions in Perspective
Tu, Xiaofei
Posted: 27 July 2006
5. Unable or Unwilling to Leave the Nest? An Analysis and Evaluation of Japanese Parasite Single Theories
Tran, Mariko
Posted: 3 July 2006

Book Reviews

5. Contesting the Japanese Constitution
Review of: Hook, Glenn D. and Gavan McCormack (2001), Japan's Contested Constitution: Documents and Analysis.
Envall, H. D. P.
Posted: 7 December 2006

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