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contemporary japanese studies

Volume 6, Issue 1

Peer Reviewed Articles

2. Deprofessionalisation of Buddhist Priests in Contemporary Japan: A Socio-Industrial Study of a Religious Profession
Horii, Mitsutoshi
Posted: 14 March 2006
1. Double-Gearing Between Japanese Banks and Insurance Companies: Reasons and Future Prospects
Tran, Bich Hanh
Posted: 18 January 2006

Discussion Papers

4. Nihilism or Nonsense? The Postmodern Fiction of Martin Amis and Haruki Murakami
Nakanishi, Wendy Jones
Posted: 8 May 2006
3. Inside the Well of Loneliness: Towards a Definition of the Japanese Horror Film
Balmain, Colette
Posted: 2 May 2006
2. The Light and Shadow of Corporate Reconstruction: Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
Ito, Takuya
Posted: 15 April 2006
1. Politically Correct Racism and the Geisha Novel: The Psychology of Sophisticated Racism Mirrors that of Ethnic Jokes
Tanaka, Tomoyuki
Posted: 10 January 2006

Book Reviews

4. 'Toppamono' Miyazaki Manabu: Adding Colour to Understanding Japan
Review of: Miyazaki, Manabu (2005) Toppamono: Outlaw, Radical, Suspect ・My Life in Japan's Underworld.
Hood, Christopher P.
Posted: 11 May 2006
3. Travels in Japanese Politics, Old and New
Review of: Hayes, Louis D. (2005), Introduction to Japanese Politics, Fourth Edition,
McCormack, Gavan (2001), The Emptiness of Japanese Affluence, Revised Edition, with a foreword by Norma Field, and Bowen, Roger W. (2003), Japan's Dysfunctional Democracy: The Liberal Democratic Party and Structural Corruption. Envall, H. D. P.
Posted: 27 March 2006
2. Japanese Higher Education in Transition? Observing the Dynamics of Reform
Review of: Eades, J.S., Goodman, Roger and Hada, Yumiko (eds) (2005) The 'Big Bang' in Japanese Higher Education Reform: The 2004 Reforms and the Dynamics of Change, and Lee-Cunin, Marina (2004) Student Views in Japan: A Study of Japanese Students' Perceptions of Their First Years at University.
Matanle, Peter
Posted: 2 February 2006
1. The World of Savings
Review of: Scher, Mark J. and Naoyuki Yoshino (eds) (2004), Small Savings Mobilization and Asian Economic Development: The Role of the Postal Financial Services.
Ferber, Katalin
Posted: 10 January 2006

Film Reviews

1. Kamataki: Re-igniting the Fires of Youth
Review of: Kamataki (Dir: Claude Gagnon, 2005)
Matanle, Peter
Posted: 27 March 2006

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