electronic journal of
contemporary japanese studies

Volume 5, Issue 2

Peer Reviewed Articles

8. Pawaa Appu! Women Only Unions in Japan
Broadbent, Kaye
Posted: 2 November 2005
7. Pursuing a Major Power Role: Realism with the US and Idealism with Europe in Japan's Post-Cold War Foreign Policy
Atanassova-Cornelis, Elena
Posted: 6 October 2005
6. The Residency and Lives of Migrants in Japan Since the Mid-1990s
Ishii, Yuka
Posted: 19 August 2005
5. Change in Script Usage in Japanese: A Longitudinal Study of Japanese Government White Papers on Labor
Tomoda, Takako
Posted: 19 August 2005
4. Investigating the Cognition Behind the Intercultural Interactions of Four Japanese Teachers of English as a Foreign Language
Walker, Natasha
Posted: 19 August 2005

Discussion Papers

7. Japanese Higher Education Institutions in the 21st Century: The Challenge of Globalization and Internationalization
Aoki, Kumiko
Posted: 4 November 2005
6. The Dying Game: Suicide in Modern Japanese Literature
Nakanishi, Wendy Jones
Posted: 31 October 2005
5. Cooperativeness and Buraku Discrimination
Ito, Takuya
Posted: 31 October 2005
4. The Problem of Identity in Contemporary Japanese Horror Films
Iles, Timothy
Posted: 6 October 2005

Book Reviews

5. Rediscovering Benshi: Narration in the Japanese Silent Film Era
Review of: Dym, Geoffrey A. (2003) Benshi, Japanese Silent Film Narrators, and their Forgotten Narrative Art of Setsumei: A History of Japanese Silent Film Narration.
Shimoda, Tomoko
Posted: 9 November 2005
4. Japan at the Millenium: Changes and Constants in Culture and Society
Review of: Edgington, David (2003) Japan at the Millenium: Joining Past and Future.
Bassani, Cherylynn
Posted: 31 October 2005

Film Reviews

3. The Nation Collapsing Under its Own Weight (Death by Hanging)
Review of: Kōshikei (Death by Hanging) (Dir: Oshima Nagisa, 1968)
Iles, Timothy
Posted: 31 October 2005
2. 88 Roads to Somewhere: Rōdo 88: Deai no michi, shikoku e
Review of: Rōdo 88: Deai no michi, Shikoku e (Dir: Nakamura Genji, 2005)
Matanle, Peter
Posted: 31 October 2005
1. Black, White, and the Grey that Separates them: Rokugatsu no hebi
Review of: A Snake of June (Dir: Tsukamoto Shinya, 2002)
Iles, Timothy
Posted: 31 October 2005

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