electronic journal of
contemporary japanese studies

Volume 23, Issue 3

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Peer-reviewed articles

Cassandra Atherton and Glenn Moore
8. Gardens, Bonsai and Poetry in Edo and Tokyo: Evolving Traditions Keeping the Ideal of Living in Harmony with Nature Alive
Chika Kitano
9. Japanese Masculinity: Who Would be the Global Jinzai Power Rangers Fighting the Enemy in a Global Society?
Yuki Ohsawa
10. Charismatic Actors and Devout Audiences: Kabuki Meets Anime in Super Kabuki II

Discussion Papers—highlighting undergraduate research

Ilya Leonov
2. ‘Great Nobi Earthquake’ series from the ‘Kusakabe Kimbei Album (6)’: aesthetic perception of a documentary narrative in Japanese souvenir photography


Timothy Iles
1. Yumeno Kyûsaku: Three Very Short Stories