electronic journal of
contemporary japanese studies

Volume 13, Issue 2

Conference: Teaching Japanese Popular Culture

The electronic journal of contemporary japanese studies is very pleased to offer the following articles to the scholarly community, a record of material presented at the ‘Teaching Japanese Popular Culture’ conference, held at the National University of Singapore in November, 2012. The essays are timely, provocative, thoughtful, and intriguing, each presenting considerations of various aspects of instruction and popular culture at the post-secondary level. Ranging from student responses to challenging ideas, to customs and copyright issues, the essays underscore the difficulties but also the rewards inherent in teaching popular culture, as well as the range of work still to be done on the boundaries and implications of 'popularity' as a defining term for academic activity. To our contributors, our gratitude; to our readers, our invitation to explore the material we present in this special collection.

Peer-reviewed articles

Mark McLelland
12. Ethical and Legal Issues in Teaching about Japanese Popular Culture to Undergraduate Students in Australia

Discussion papers

William M. Tsutsui
4. Teaching History and/of/or Japanese Popular Culture
Sabine Frühstück
3. The Uses of Popular Culture for Sex and Violence
Chris McMorran
2. Teaching Japanese Popular Culture in the MOOC World: Possibilities and Challenges
Deborah Shamoon
1. Introduction to the Special Collection