electronic journal of
contemporary japanese studies

Volume 11, Issue 3

Peer Reviewed Articles

7. Re-Narrating Social Class and Masculinity in Neoliberal Japan: An Examination of the Media Coverage of the 'Akihabara Incident' of 2008
Slater, David and Galbraith, Patrick W.
Posted: 30 September 2011
6. Inheriting the Legacy of the Souls of the War Dead: Linking Past, Present and Future at the Yūshūkan
Perkins, Chris
Posted: 30 September 2011
5. National Identity (Re)Construction in Japanese and American Animated Film: Self and Other Representation in Pocahontas and Princess Mononoke
Yoshida, Kaori
Posted: 30 September 2011

Discussion Papers

5. Hope and Peril in Equal Measure: Negotiating Traumatic War Memories within the Construction of Oral Histories
Hadley, Gregory
Posted: 30 September 2011

Book Reviews

7. Japan in Transformation, 1945-2010
Matanle, Peter
Review of: Kingston, J. (2011) Japan in Transformation 1945-2010, (2nd Edition), Harlow, UK: Longman.
Posted: 30 September 2011
6. Social Class in Contemporary Japan
Matanle, Peter
Review of: Ishida, H. and Slater, D. H. (Eds.) (2010) Social Class in Contemporary Japan: Structures, Sorting and Strategies, Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.
Posted: 30 September 2011
5. Better to Remain Silent? Japan and the G7/8, 1975-2002
Morris, Narrelle
Review of: Dobson, Hugo (2004) Japan and the G7/8, 1975-2002, London and New York: RoutledgeCurzon.
Posted: 30 September 2011

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