electronic journal of
contemporary japanese studies

Volume 11, Issue 1

Peer Reviewed Articles

2. Japanese Architecture
Gharipour, Mohammad
Posted: 31 January 2011
1. Problem Gambling in Japan: A Social Perspective
Takiguchi, Naoko and Rosenthal, Richard J.
Posted: 31 January 2011

Discussion Papers

2. Inroads or Crossroads? The Soka Gakkai's Pacifist Endeavours in Japanese Foreign Policy
Benedict, Timothy
Posted: 31 January 2011
1. Dealing with Complexity in Japanese Defense Politics: The Next Generation of Good Subject-Matter Questions
Clausen, Daniel
Posted: 31 January 2011

Book Reviews

2. Inventing a Japan through Theatre
Iles, Timothy
Review of: Lee, Josephine (2010) The Japan of Pure Invention: Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado, Minneapolis: The University of Minnesota Press.
Posted: 31 January 2011
1. I Spy ... The Failure of Japanese Military Intelligence in World War II
Iles, Timothy
Review of: Kotani, Ken (2009) Japanese Intelligence in World War II, Oxford: Osprey Publishing.
Posted: 31 January 2011

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