electronic journal of
contemporary japanese studies

Volume 10, Issue 3

Peer Reviewed Articles

4. The Sexual and Textual Politics of Japanese Lesbian Manga: Reading Romantic and Erotic Yuri Narratives
Nagaike, Kazumi
Posted: 30 September 2010
3. From Aid Recipient to Aid Donor: Tracing the Historical Transformation of Japan's Foreign Aid Policy
FURUOKA, Fumitaka, OISHI, Mikio, and KATO, Iwao
Posted: 12 July 2010

Discussion Papers

5. The Sociolinguistic Context of English Language Education in Japan and Singapore
Morita, Liang
Posted: 30 September 2010
4. Comparing Morio Kita's The House of Nire with Thomas Mann's Buddenbrooks: A Case of 'The Vanity of Human Wishes'
Nakanishi, Wendy Jones
Posted: 30 September 2010
3. Towards a Mutual Anthropology of Identity in Japan and the West
Cangià, Flavia
Posted: 12 July 2010

Book Reviews

9. Militarisation, Colonisation, Subordination, Resistance
Iles, Timothy
Review of: Shigematsu, Setsu, and Camacho, Keith (eds) (2010) Militarized Currents: Toward a Decolonized Future in Asia and the Pacific.
Posted: 30 September 2010
8. Private Realms of the State: Female Subjectivity and the Japanese Home in the USA
Matsumoto, Noriko
Review of: Kurotani, Sawa (2005) Home Away from Home: Japanese Corporate Wives in the United States.
Posted: 30 September 2010
7. Dazai on the Couch
Withrow, Kaleb
Review of: Nakano, Hisao (2009) Dazai Osamu: Shōgai to sakuhin no shinsō shinri (Osamu Dazai: The deep psychology of his life and works).
Posted: 30 September 2010
6. A Biography of Self-Loss: The Life and Works of Atsushi Nakajima
Askew, Rie Kido
Review of: Minato Kawamura (2009) Rōshitsu seiden ENakajima Atsushi no bungaku to shōgai (A Biography of Self-Loss: The Life and Works of Atsushi Nakajima).
Posted: 12 July 2010

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