electronic journal of
contemporary japanese studies

Volume 10, Issue 1

Peer Reviewed Articles

2. Hisamatsu and Dōgen: Creatively Constructing History Through Practice Realization
Sevilla, Anton Luis
Posted: 10 March 2010
1. Manga and Anime: Fluidity and Hybridity in Global Imagery
Bryce, Mio; Barber, Christie: Kelly, James; Kunwar, Siris; and Plumb, Amy
Posted: 29 January 2010

Discussion Papers

1. Scandals and Their Mediations: Theorizing the Case of Japan
Prusa, Igor
Posted: 10 March 2010

Book Reviews

3. Fear on Film: Japanese Horror Cinema
Iles, Timothy
Review of: Balmain, Colette (2008) Introduction to Japanese Horror Film.
Posted: 10 March 2010
2. Japan's Grand Strategy: Goldilocks and the Search for the Perfect Porridge
Envall, H.D.P.
Review of: Samuels, Richard J. (2007) Securing Japan: Tokyo's Grand Strategy and the Future of East Asia.
Posted: 29 January 2010
1. Japan Yesterday and Today
Leimbigler, Sheri Zhang
Review of: Harrison, Trevor W. (2008) 21st Century Japan: A New Sun Rising.
Posted: 29 January 2010

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