electronic journal of
contemporary japanese studies

Volume 1, Issue 1

Peer Reviewed Articles

1. Out on the Global Stage: Authenticity, Interpretation and Orientalism in Japanese Coming Out Narratives
McLelland, Mark J.
Posted: 10 October 2001

Discussion Papers

4. No More Games in Japan's Referee-Free Capitalism
Kaneko, Masaru
Posted: 29 August 2001
3. Biting the Bullet: What We Can Learn from the Shinkansen
Hood, Christopher P.
Posted: 23 May 2001
2. Media and Communication in Japan: Current Issues and Future Research
Gatzen, Barbara
Posted: 17 April 2001
1. Media Intimidation in Japan: A Close Encounter with Hard Japanese Nationalism
McNeill, David
Posted: 27 March 2001

Book Reviews

2. The Japan-US Alliance: 21st Century Challenges in East Asia
Review of: Nishihara, Masashi (ed.) (2000), The Japan-US Alliance: New Challenges for the 21st Century
Envall, H. D. P.
Posted: 10 October 2001
1. Being in and of the World: Globalisation and Social Change in Contemporary Japan
Review of: Clammer, John (2001), Japan and its Others: Globalization, Difference and the Critique of Modernity, and Eades J. S., Gill, Tom and Befu, Harumi (eds.) (2000), Globalization and Social Change in Contemporary Japan
Matanle, Peter
Posted: 10 July 2001

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